Prenatal Breastfeeding Class

Jeannie is on maternity leave until Spring 2014. Please check back then for upcoming classes!

Though breastfeeding is "natural", it doesn't come natural-ly! Today's nursing mothers lack cultural support and must seek out the right information and help. Our class teaches you the latest and greatest on establishing and maintaining your supply, proven techniques, common concerns, the science behind breastfeeding, and everything you need to know to feed your baby with comfort and confidence. Birth partners are strongly encouraged to participate! Learn more...

  • 2.5-hour group class @ Recess | $80 per couple | sign up or see the schedule
  • 3-hour private in-home class | $250 per family | contact for an appointment

Lactation Counseling

They say "it takes a village." Sadly, today’s culture no longer fosters that village we used to rely on for breastfeeding support and mentoring! Jeannie helps families establish healthy breastfeeding habits from day one and provides continuing support for issues with latching, positions, nipple injury, plugged ducts, milk transfer, pumping, bottles, and more. Breastfeeding increases wellness for the whole family and lowers the risk of future complications for both mother and baby. Learn more...

  • In-home support | 2-hour minimum | $60 per hour | contact for an appointment
  • Phone support | $20 per half-hour | contact for an appointment

Postpartum Support

Jeannie provides families with caring, knowledgeable in-home postpartum support to maximize rest, healing, physical and mental health, bonding, support, good nutrition, confidence, and comfort for mother, baby, and partner. "Mothering the mother" is a concept that is often forgotten, only to be realized when parents find themselves in the midst of exhaustion, poor healing, and desperation. Securing a postpartum caregiver like Jeannie gives families a readily-available, unbiased source for information and help with breastfeeding, newborn care, natural wellness, and emotional and psychological support. Learn more...

  • 10-hour minimum | $60 per hour | contact for an appointment

Did you know? Our classes and services will boost your confidence, physical and mental health, and overall well-being. Check out all of these benefits!

- in a nutshell-

Jeannie Choe, CLEC

This is Jeannie. She’s a Certified Lactation Educator Counselor and a postpartum specialist.

She helps new families maximize health and well-being early on. Her approach is thoughtful, holistic, and evidence-based. She studied human lactation at UC San Diego and is a trained birth and postpartum doula through Natural Resources in SF.

As a mother, Jeannie understands first-hand the many challenges that new parents face. In fact, it was her own personal postpartum experience that inspired 3 Hearts!

Hey! That’s the great city of San Francisco in the background.

Jeannie works with a diverse variety of families in SF and the surrounding Bay Area.

This is Euna, Jeannie’s daughter.

She, like all children, has an instinctual ability to stay present through ups and downs. We can all benefit from a child’s wisdom!

Got questions? We have answers! Check out our FAQs to get the whole scoop.

- get in touch -

For private breastfeeding classes, lactation counseling, and postpartum planning, email or call us to schedule a session. You’ll get a prompt response that includes a complimentary 10-15 minute mini-consultation.

For group breastfeeding classes, sign up here.

Sliding scale rates are offered on a case-by-case basis to families in need. Contact us for more info.

Check out our FAQ page for details about our services as well as payments, policies, and other important stuff.